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: There is a big sales conference tomorrow and Friday, so everyone (or at least everyone non-CS who gets phone calls) is already in Las Vegas and once again, my job has become null. I am still scanning Canadian labels. Scan scan scan.

I have already completed my productivity goal for today. I vacuumed and started making some cards. Yesterday Jana and I went and made free cards at the scrapbook stores. She has never scrapbooked before but wants to get into it, so I had fun showing her stuff.

[Comments] (1) : If anyone [cool] is bored, please email me!

: This has been a good day. After work I bought groceries, scrapbooked and then went to play Ultimate Frisbee with some people from my Sunday School group. I got so hot and sweaty, yuck. It was only 3 on 3 so it was a lot of running. Then I got to talk to John, who sent me two wonderful emails today. We looked at apartments online and have found some we like for not too much. I finished one scrapbook page and got some more stuff organized. Rachel's graduation page is going to be very cute!

Due to the large amount of free food at work today, I have just eaten dinner. I had a baked (microwaved) potato. I was going to make dijon crusted chicken with cheesy rice-a-roni and peas. I guess I'll get to have that tomorrow!


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