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Best Of: This is my first in a series of "Best of" entries, spurred by the nothing-to-do-ness that is my job. I read every entry from the past 4 1/2 years of my life and picked out most of the funny or significant ones. Have fun!

Pianos. Soapdish. Silly day. Injured. Another odd injury. Spot is killed. Susie plays a lion. Leonard buys me a Piglet pillow. wah. Fun with a sheet. The classic work complaint. Less than a year after Aunt Carolyn died. This made me laugh. A turning point. I知 a nut. That darn cat. I really don稚 know what I lived off of. Adventures. I needed at least one link to hanging out with the fam. The most fun I ever had cleaning. Mud. My theories on exercise. The yummy sandwich. And the sprout caper. Pleather pants. An exciting day. I love this story. I told her we wouldn稚 get Hepatitis. Maybe- More hospital The worst vacation ever. Family Funnies. Gretel- sitting. I知 a very funny button funny carpet Now who痴 in bed late on a Sunday Morning? Oh, Mom. My Mom is the best! I知 old! New job. The best paper I ever wrote. I知 still proud of this. A fateful night I知 still teased about. Yay! Heh, squished trombone. Spoiled. John still does the dishes. I never did that cartwheel yum. sad.

: I just scanned a label for Marshmallow root (Racine de Guimauve) which doesn't look as yummy as it sounds.

[Comments] (2) : I watered my plants with ice cubes this morning. I think they liked it.


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