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[Comments] (2) Best of: Kitchen: Here is my part in putting together a kitchen-log. It is rather unfair of me to do this without posting the recipes. So I guess I wonít mention a yummy food without the recipe- in the future. In the meantime, let your mouth water. Warning: Some of these entries are about how my food didnít turn out.

White Shells
Bean soup
Fry Sauce
Yummy sandwich
Donít try this at home
Pretzels and Romanian food
Kitchen Triumphs
Johnís Sweet & Sour
susieís kitchen
More triumphs
Curry Chicken
not-as-good stroganoff
Scalloped Potatoes
Yummy Balls
Aunt Jeuneyís Beef Stroganoff
More Stroganoff 
Stuffed Shells
No More Ramen
Bacon Rice
Cooking Tips
90-minute Rolls
Crockpot Arroz con Pollo
Momís yummy Rosemary chicken

Other yummy food mentioned: English Toffee, Cheesecake, Texas Sheet Cake, Taco Soup, French toast

[Comments] (3) : I've been thinking about food. Why is it that we only eat certain parts of food (and I'm not talking about not eating sheep's intestines)? This thought stems from (what else?) the labels I've been scanning. We sell herb, bark (secondary bark, root bark, inner bark and just plain bark), blossoms, fruit, berries, leaves, hulls, flowers, resin, root, stalk, husks, seed, and micro-algae (ok, that's probably a "whole" food). Why is licorice root so much better than the leaves?

For example, in Romania, they sell (and eat, use etc) celery root, whereas here we only eat the stalk, which sometimes comes with leaves, but I don't think people use them. How wasteful we are! We don't eat corn silk, although it apparently has healing properties (we sell that too). Let me look it up... It's a diuretic.

Well, I don't really care. Just thinking.

PS: Are potatoes a root?


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