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[Comments] (3) : I've been thinking about food. Why is it that we only eat certain parts of food (and I'm not talking about not eating sheep's intestines)? This thought stems from (what else?) the labels I've been scanning. We sell herb, bark (secondary bark, root bark, inner bark and just plain bark), blossoms, fruit, berries, leaves, hulls, flowers, resin, root, stalk, husks, seed, and micro-algae (ok, that's probably a "whole" food). Why is licorice root so much better than the leaves?

For example, in Romania, they sell (and eat, use etc) celery root, whereas here we only eat the stalk, which sometimes comes with leaves, but I don't think people use them. How wasteful we are! We don't eat corn silk, although it apparently has healing properties (we sell that too). Let me look it up... It's a diuretic.

Well, I don't really care. Just thinking.

PS: Are potatoes a root?


Posted by frances at Fri Jul 16 2004 15:54

potato is a tuber. I use celery leaves. In spaghetti sauce and soup. I also think they sell the root in many stores. It goes by Celeariac.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jul 16 2004 17:47

What is a tuber? Like a stalk, something in between roots and leaves? or is it like a fruit?

Posted by frances at Fri Jul 16 2004 19:24

big puffy storage root.


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