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: Yesterday was a fun day. After work I went to a baby shower for one of John's many cousins, and then to visit with my Walch cousins (Kristen and siblings). We played Uno Attack (a scary game where a little machine spits (or doesn't spit) cards at you depending on if it likes you and how many people are ganged up on you.) Ok not really, but it was fun. Then I came home and tried to sleep. I've had a hard time getting to sleep since Sunday, although it doesn't make me less tired.

There is very little to do here and I am on my fourth crossword puzzle. Going to the scrapbook store and playing games with a neighbor after work.

: Back from the scrapbook store. I bought a little mat for eyelet setting that fits perfectly into the tool kit case my mommy bought me. It was also very cheap and I used a coupon. I also got some citrus paper, orange, lemon and lime, with credit John gave me for Christmas. Jana and I had fun making little tags and picking out wedding stickers for her. I also let her go through the ones Mom gave me a year ago.

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