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[Comments] (3) : Well, it's been a long weekend. Here's the story.

I flew into LAX on Saturday morning, John picked me up and we drove to Bakersfield. Leonard and Rachel were both already there. We visited with grandma and grandpa Richardson, ran some errands, and did a ton of yard work. It was fun with everyone outside working in the yard together. The only drawback is that there never seems to be enough room in the trash cans. Mom fixed the fish pond, which sounds all pretty and naturistic now, and we also went in the hot tub.

Sunday, we all got up went to church early (to sing with the choir). Mom made the yummiest dinner ever- there was rosemary chicken and rice with rosemary chicken juice on it. Fried zucchini and the best salad ever- spring mix with avacado, candied walnuts, dried cranberries and homemade poppyseed dressing. I ate a lot of salad. I love salad. John and I took Gretel and Sadie for a short walk (it was really hot outside). I wish we could have a little Sadie-dog.

Monday Mom made a huge yummy breakfast (I helped) and we ran errands. Cut Rachel's hair. Drove to LA. Traffic. I had to go through security twice; they made me go back and check my bag because of a scrapbook tool kit mom gave me. (presents!) But there was plenty of time for me to read my book and I finally had a flight that was completely on time.

Jim and Susan picked me up at the airport. I fell asleep at their house, then we had an impromptu party with lots of fireworks. I wish John could have been there. That went really late and the Fire and Police Depts. had roads closed off everywhere so I didn't end up getting home until quite late. I remember when 11:00 wasn't the end of a very long day.

I got home so late that I still haven't unpacked, quite unusual for me. The plant clippings mom gave me survived the journey. Our other plant survived staying home alone. I had a great dream in which I planned this summer's public affairs project for the ward. I need to have more dreams like that.

Poor John is all alone at Jamie's house now. Hopefully he will have lots of work to keep him busy. Only six more weeks!

[Comments] (2) : Did I ever mention that I got an email from a very cool friend?

[Comments] (2) : Kirin just told me she is engaged and getting married on January 8th.


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