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Last Night: I went to the temple as soon as I could and still got there much later than I'd ever gone before. It was very crowded, probably because ward sessions start then, and I ran into Joe and Louise. Afterwards, I talked to Mom and Tom Jackman on the phone, bought a ton of groceries and called John. John got his offer from E&Y on Tuesday, so he's all official now. I am very proud of him, and exciting about him coming home in two days! Yay!

This morning I did some more cleaning and made bread dough which is now in the freezer. I will be sure to let everyone know how it turns out.

[Comments] (2) Are Ya Achin'? (yup yup yup): I bought some of that pre-cooked bacon that you keep in the cupboard and heat up in the microwave. John loves bacon but I hate cooking it. We had some at Jamie and David's and it tasted the same. It was on sale for the same price as regular bacon. So I bought some. And I've had that song in my head the whole day. (yup yup yup)


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