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: Ok, since everyone knows how much I like food...

For dinner on Saturday, John took me to this tiny Vietnamese restaurant, where we had potstickers and curry- how much better could it get! I haven't had potstickers in forever, I almost forgot how yummy they were. Yesterday for lunch we went to Pizza Hut where John let me get stuffed crust pizza and a salad. Plus, since stuffed crust only comes in large, I had pizza again for lunch today, and I will be having it for dinner and lunch tomorrow, I'm sure. Yum.

We had lots of fun shopping and walking around town and around the neighborhood. The weather was lovely, especially on Sunday. I am tired of being all hot and sticky.

I had an interview this morning, and another one on Thursday. I am trying to find a morning job because I am a little tired of working at night. Or at least I will be once John comes home. Busy week, but I get to go see Grandma June.


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