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Good Morning Everyone!: I like working in the mornings (Val and I traded again) because the sun shines through the front doors, because there is more work to do (especially on Fridays) because I get more hours, because I feel productive when I get home so early in the afternoon. Also, I can wear jeans to work on Fridays, which for some reason makes me extremely happy.

I also have a yummy lunch. I made a burrito from leftovers (refried beans, black beans, corn) with cheese (I only had mozzerella) and green peppers from the freezer. Green peppers freeze very well, which is good to know. I like making a lot of things that want me to use green peppers but I never plan ahead enough to buy them, and they aren't always on sale. I bought several on sale, ate most of them and now have some cut up in the freezer and have been eating them on very good burritos.

[Comments] (1) : Cover up, please! (Mom, you especially!)

: My theory is ruined! I got an email today from a very excited former roommate who got a job as a CNA in the newborn unit at LDS Hospital. I guess technically it's ok since I never really lived with Angela (see last paragraph).


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