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: Just now while organizing our CDs I found a CD of John's called "Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse." (Mannheim Steamroller playing Disney songs, obviously). It was really good! I am having fun cleaning and organizing, althought it is Very Hot. I'm working tonight. I'm going to watch Return of the King and any special features that are on the DVD. In the meantime, I have some more cleaning to do, and some scrapbooking to finish. I can't wait to show some of it off to Mommy when she gets here!

[Comments] (2) Lucky Charms: Today while cleaning out our “junk” drawer (Like I said earlier, I organized a lot today), I found a coupon for an A&W rootbeer float that I had saved. I found an excuse to go to that part of town and got my float- yummy. Rootbeer floats remind me of my dad, but I don’t know why.

Today while cleaning out under the bathroom sink (Like I said earlier, I organized a lot today), I got out my charm bracelet and all the charms that need to be added on. Rachel and I have these gorgeous silver charm bracelets and the last time we were home, while going through Mom’s jewelry, we found all these charms she’d bought for us (It appears that no charms have been added to the bracelets since 1996). We got to pick which ones we wanted. These things are so cute! I have a little hat, magnifying glass and pipe one from England (from a visit to Baker Street), a covered wagon from Utah, a butterfly from Victoria’s butterfly garden, an oil derrick from Texas. Those are some of the ones I need to put on. My favorite ones on the bracelet are a little outhouse with a door that opens, a bat from Carlsbad and a totem pole. Judging by the charms I have with price tags still on them, I think this bracelet cost at least $300.

: I tried to take a nap like a good girl but when I realized I was lying in bed singing, I decided I might as well be productive. I got some more scrapbook pages ready to do. I need some pictures from Jodi's wedding; Maybe she'll give me some she doesn't like, since there are hundreds. By the way, I don't know if I mentioned that Franko had back surgery a couple weeks ago. He is slowly improving, and looking for a new job (he was working as a painter).

At the stamp party I went to two weeks ago, I bought a set of stamps to use to make cards, Happy Birthday, a candle, Merry Christmas, a bell, etc. They are so cute and I've been wanting to buy a set of stamps like this for a while now. Really, how many other stamps does a girl need? Now I need some different colors of ink. I am going to buy a couple "ink spots", those little tiny ink pads that are less than $1.50. I wouldn't use an ink pad enough to merit spending $5 on one just for one new color. I am excited to make some new cards.


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