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Not So Small: Guess What! My flight was late! Both of them! Leaving! Getting There! Getting the Plane there in the First Place! I finally made it home. I found it hard to believe there was an entire (small) plane of people trying to get to Bakersfield. I began to think that it wasn't really that small of a town, until we got off the plane and were welcomed by one security guard and a tiny (closed) gift shop).

Sadie (and the rest of us) are sad John couldn't come, but I agree with him that the trips we made to visit Grandpa when he was alive are more important.

My Tribute to Grandpa: The funeral was this afternoon. It was ok, I managed to get up and tell my story. This is something like what I said:

Just about everytime I visited Grandpa he would tell me that when I was little I refused to go to Grandma and would only go to him. I never knew how proud he was of me until a few years ago. After I went to college, I wrote grandpa and grandma occasionally, mostly Grandma. I didn't even think Grandpa ever read my letters until about 2 1/2 years ago when I got a note from Shannon saying he had showed her my letter. When I got home, I found out he had showed my letters to EVERYONE, people at the doctor's office, at the grocery store. He loved to brag about his grandkids, and he always made me feel so special.

Then Garry got up and said that Grandpa drove everyone nuts with my letters. =) Well, good! He was a proud Grandpa, and he deserves to be, because he worked hard to leave a wonderful legacy for his grandkids, and he did.


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