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[Comments] (3) Home Safe: And by now, my luggage should be, too. Mer.

[Comments] (2) : Update: If you haven't bought me something, you are too late. I've gotten just about everything on my list. I had some wonderful surprises from my siblings on Saturday. Grandma gave me this little terra cotta frog planter (she used to collect frogs), and I put a clipping of one of Mom's succulents in it, once it was retrieved from my missing suitcase. This plant will live. I also got some cool jeans, a cool CD (formidable!), and some mysterious somethings wrapped on our wicker chest. I am also working on the half-day off. It's actually considered a holiday!

By tomorrow, someone will be hired for my receptionist position and I am SO excited. Today was such a busy day, luckily with tons of stuff that could be done up front. But I just feel so rushed knowing I only have four hours to do all my HR work. Of course, I'll still need to train the new girl, but I like teaching people, so it should be fun.


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