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: Last night I put little stickers on the cool alphabet stamp set my mommy bought me. I am excited to use them, but I seem to be very busy lately. Maybe it's because I try to get to bed early. Maybe it's because I am tired from working all day *slave slave slave*. My entire dept. was at an off-site meeting all morning. I cleaned out the left side of my desk. It's so organized now!

My receptionist position closes tomorrow, so if anyone was thinking of applying, your chance is slipping away. Soon I can do my new job fulltime.

[Comments] (2) : If anyone didn't know, my birthday is in 16 days. I will follow Rachel's cue and post a wishlist because she actually got stuff on it.

A yummy dinner made by someone else
Cookbook I would actually use
A non-killable plant
New jeans
HP5 (paperback)
Half a day off work (paid)

I am so picky. You may also buy me items from my Amazon.com wishlist, but beware that they are prioritized. Also beware that if you give me money it will go into my savings account.

Not that I'm expecting presents!


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