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[Comments] (5) : The new afternoon receptionist starts today, which means two things: I get to train her and soon I can do my new job fulltime. Today's training consists of 15 minutes with the supervisor, 1:15 with me at the front desk, two hours of helping me serve brownies and filling out paperwork, and another half an hour sitting at the front desk.

By the way, these are delicious brownies from BYU Catering, plain, nuts, mint, and cream cheese ones! (Maybe I'll sneak some extras home...)


Posted by John at Wed Sep 22 2004 14:09

Gasps...They don't taste better than mine do they?

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 22 2004 14:42


Posted by Alyson at Thu Sep 23 2004 11:30

All those years working at the Cannon Center surely must have entitled you to the BYU brownie recipe? Yes??

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 24 2004 07:30

Unfortunately not. The bakery boy would never flirt back.


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