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[Comments] (3) Smooth: Mom, today I am wearing your dangly earrings with the little eggs on them. You have gotten lots of vicarious compliments.

I've been eating a lot of smoothies lately, and I am especially pleased to report that freezing banana slices is possible. When I looked online, all the info I found was on freezing rotting bananas whole, or mashing them up. I sliced mine, mushed them with some lemon juice in a Ziploc bag, and the slices come apart pretty well when you bang the bag on the counter. Anyway, last night I finally remembered to put ice in my smoothie so it would be colder and it was delicious!

My freezer is getting full of frozen fruit and vegetables, because I am tired of not having them on hand when I want to use them. I have zucchini, green pepper, strawberries and raspberries (John bought them already frozen), peas (of course!), bananas and two kinds of grated cheese, so it won't get moldy in the fridge.

: I was just reading an article about a girl complaining that her boss never remembered her birthday and wondering when Secretary's Day was, when my boss (not my real boss, of which I only have on in HR and I am being the receptionist right now anyway, but the CEO) came by and gave me a German chocolate bar (actual German chocolate, not like the cake). yum!


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