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[Comments] (4) : I am enjoying my new CD (Dar Williams) from Sumana. It makes me laugh. My favorite line is "Now when Christians sit with Pagans only pumpkin pies are burning."


Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 04 2005 14:03

Dave and Alyson are Dar Williams fans...Aly likes the song about bald heads are sexy.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Jan 04 2005 14:58

"The Christians and the Pagans" is a hilarious and moving song. I'm very glad you enjoy the CD! She has several other CDs out and I own most of them.

Kristen, I haven't heard that song. I'll have to ask Alyson to lend me that CD....

Posted by Al at Thu Jan 06 2005 05:57

Nope, that song is by the Four Bitchin Babes. But I am a Dar fan. Dave has seen Dar three times, and once he sang backup on the "Christians and the Pagans" in a little club in Edmonton. One day I'll get my chance to see her perform. . .

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 07 2005 16:24

Oops, could've sworen...

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