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[Comments] (6) : The good thing about snow is that Utah is less ugly with it. I also think it's cool that you can see the same in the daytime and at night. The bad thing is just about everything else. I hate driving in it. I hate getting all slushy trying to get to my car. But it's pretty. We've had probably 8 inches here at work and it's still coming down.


Posted by John at Thu Jan 06 2005 13:58

Looking at the snow is fun, when it's all hanging in the trees still. I guess it makes them all look less dead. But the snow isn't as pretty as you!!!!

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 06 2005 15:26

Awww! How sweet!

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Jan 06 2005 18:26

That is sweet.

I love the way that sounds are dampened and when you go out hiking or CC skiing in the mountains, the only sound you can hear is your own breathing. It is a very intimate close experience with nature and with our own humanity.

I also like how the snow absorbes and scatters the light (just like the sky), and in the deep snow you can see hues of deep blue in all the whiteness.

Posted by frances at Thu Jan 06 2005 18:45

I like looking up and seeing the flakes drifting down from the black sky--no light, not sound anywhere, nothing but a blanket of snow.

Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Jan 07 2005 09:09

I also like when I am breathing when it snows and snowflakes go up your nose or in your mouth and it feels like an insect has just flown in.

Are you with me on this one??? Ok, mabey not.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 07 2005 19:57


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