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[Comments] (2) : Yesterday was, like, the best mail day ever (in married life at least, since we don't *live* for mail. We got a letter from Aunt Anne, a paycheck, our first Newsweek (Mom, I think it's so cute that you put it in John's name!), a pair of slippers and our cruise info. John bought me a pair of slippers at Nordstrom. They didn't have my size, but it was only $3 to ship them to us. Oddly enough, they came from the Mission Viejo store, which is where Jamie and Davie live. Don't worry, Sumana, he is saving the gift card for himself.

We are very excited about our cruise. I think we got a good deal, and that we are going at a great time, price and weather and schedule wise. Speaking of fancy vacations to Mexico, Brook and Erin are going to Cancun next week, and we get to watch the kids for the weekend. Erin's parents are taking over after that. Speaking of the fam, we are going up for Nathan's birthday tomorrow.


Posted by John at Sat Jan 08 2005 15:11

I already know what I want to get with my giftcard, but am biding my time. I need a cool, suave, dressy black shirt that is hip and has some hints of brown in it, so that I can wear it with either black or brown pants.

Essentially, I know what I want. I just have to wait for Tommy Bahama to make it for me.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 10 2005 07:29

Eew, Tommy Bahama.

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