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[Comments] (4) The Beginnings of a Wonderful Day: An old Turkish proverb says "All good things begin with... Cheesecake!" When I got to work, I went around unlocking everyone's office, and the door to our lobby. There comes Tina down the hall with her cart, cleaning up from a meeting yesterday, and offers me two pieces of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. (I don't know what kind, chocolate with chocolate pieces and syrup on the top.) She also gave me two "Carb-Friendly" yogurts.

By the way, she says she got the cheesecake at Sam's. I fully excepted the company had it shipped just for whatever meeting.


Posted by John at Fri Jan 14 2005 07:37

I'm sad I never got a chance to try some pumpkin cheesecake. Oh well, next year we will be living be a Cheesecake Factory, and so life will be ok.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 14 2005 08:57

Reason #56 to move to SoCal.

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Jan 19 2005 20:02

Louise and I will be going to Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. (29th of Jan). I can't wait. The Carrot Cheesecake is particularly good.

Posted by Joe Walch at Wed Jan 19 2005 20:06

By the way. If I hear any more about any "Carb Friendly" products I will go mad. Why don't they just name it like it is--"couch potatoe friendly because you can't go for a walk once and a while you have to starve your body of needed carbohydrates thus producing excess metabolic wastes due to the fact you are eating a disproportionate amount of protien."

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