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[Comments] (4) : I've been sick this weekend, so it has been good to relax. On Saturday, I slept in, then cleaned the house while John was taking his test. We went out to dinner and then to see Saints and Soilders, which I liked but John wasn't in the mood for. Between dinner, the movie, and a Shopko-purchased treat, we only spent $10- not bad.

We had Matt and Celeste, some neighbors, over for dinner. I made stroganoff and Raspberry Spinach Salad with poppy-seed dressing. I actually followed the recipe for the dressing this time, only I halved it, and it still made 1 1/2 cups. But it turned out a lot better following the recipe. Can you tell we love the stroganoff?


Posted by Rachel at Mon Jan 24 2005 10:13

Are you ignoring me on purpose or are you just not getting my emails?

Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 24 2005 12:30

Are you better now?

Posted by Kristen at Mon Jan 24 2005 13:40

That is funny, there is a couple in my mom's ward named Matt and Celeste.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Jan 24 2005 18:51

I wish we'd done dinners together more when I lived in Provo. :(

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