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[Comments] (4) : Yesterday I was reading some articles on resume-writing, and this is so true! Then I decided to get another email address, although that's not one of the things that bothers me. Unless it's like "Iamthemacdaddy@Imnumber1.com" or something.

Probably the things that bug me most are unqualified candidates (especially those who think they are), long paragraphs, and non-Word formats (I can't open them). Linda is slowly taking over most of recruiting, so my experience in that area is starting to dwindle. Just as well though; I have plenty of other things to do.


Posted by John at Wed Jan 26 2005 13:05

And here I thought I was the mac daddy.

Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Jan 28 2005 14:56

I will send you a Gmail Email invitation. It is nice because since it is not open to the public it still has plenty of good names available. Also, you will never be able to fill the GB of space in your inbox. I am up to about 10 MB so far.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Jan 28 2005 23:06

I was told gmail was more prestigious than yahoo, so now I use mine. Plus it is nice that when I send one from my computer it uploads to the internet so I have it to look at from other computers. Not as prestigious as ucla though, but I suspect they will take that one away from me soon, and it's not working anyway.

Do you have any advice for *quitting* jobs?

Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 29 2005 09:19

You can't look at all your yahoo emails you've sent? how dumb. I actually do have some advice for quitting a job in a nice way. I will email you from my new Gmail account (thanks Joe!)

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