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[Comments] (3) *gasp*: I finally have a moment to catch my breath. Today has flown by, as did yesterday. Yesterday I spent the morning covering the switchboard and finding other people to cover it (both operators were sick), and the afternoon verifying every single number on every single W-2. Twice. Then I went home.

Today we've been trying to, as Linda put it, catch up on our real jobs. I took back some recruiting stuff from her so she could do benefits, and I also have to do five salary surveys. I guess I'll get to work on that now.

I gave John a ride to school today because he had to take his big tax books, which remind me of the big compensation books, which are very expensive, which is why we do the surveys (to get a discount).

[Comments] (5) Ahhhh: Today I got to sleep in to my heart's desire, and it was great. John left to take a test after I got up, so I've been cleaning and running some errands, including renting Catch Me if You Can for tonight. This week has been so busy, I am excited for John to have a short break in tests so we can spend some time together.

On Thursday I checked out The DaVinci Code and was unable to put it down. Of course, reading it before bed got me a little scared, so I didn't let myself read any yesterday. I looked up some of the paintings it refers to online, and am now less scared, so I guess I can finish it now. I think it's pretty good, I like figuring out the mysteries and such. But I'm not taking any of it to heart.

[Comments] (4) : John and I made Fried Ice Cream tonight. Essentially, you scoop the ice cream into balls, roll it in cornflakes and deep fry it. It was yummy, but too much work for every night.

I painted my toenails orange. They have been naked for quite sometime, and I thought it was about time they had some fun. I also painted nine of my fingernails. The tenth hidden under a Band-aid, due to an unfortunate incident this morning involving a tomato. And a knife. My goal in painting my fingernails is to embarrass myself by their obvious and atrocious shortness enough to stop biting them. Hey, it could happen.

Back when I worked in the dishroom, I was always accessorizing with Band-Aids. I went through a box at least every month. Of course, half of that was also biting my nails too much. I really need to stop.

I have been doing a LOT of data entry at work lately. I definitely think my ten-key is improving. The problem is that I already type faster than anyone in my department (we are stuck with this project because of the confidential nature), and that means more of it for me. I like being busy, but I get so bored sitting at my computer typing boring numbers for hours at a time. And to think I was looking for a data entry job. I am so lucky.

[Comments] (2) : It seems like I never update anymore, even though I still think "why doesn't anyone else update?" Another incredibly busy week at work. But I only have one more page of numbers to read! (After all the data entry (again) we had to verify every number (again) twice (again)). Yesterday I spent 2 hours doing my job- store order, resumes, itineraries, and mail. It was great! I felt so productive, after sitting in our conference room reading numbers for four days straight.

We are having some of John's old roommates and their wives over for dinner tomorrow. I am making taco soup. My P. Chef party is Thursday (if anyone wants anything!) and we are going to make Mexican Chocolate Pies and Taco Dip, yummy. But what I am most excited about this week (besides finishing our numbers project) is going to California! yay!

[Comments] (1) : John and I went to a new place for dinner tonight. It was a soup/salad/sandwich place called Zupa's that just opened this week. We were out and about buying scrapbook stuff- the traffic was terrible and everywhere was crowded, but this place was relatively empty. While the tomato basil soup did not compare to The Soup Kitchen, it was still yummy, and I loved my salad. I was going to get a sandwich, but they didn't have sandwich bread yet... Anyway, go try it if you're around.

: One thing I really like about gmail is that it puts up a message box if the internet is out, instead of trying to send it and then losing it. It's great, since our internet is always going out.

: Even though we both said we weren't getting anything for each other for Valentine's Day, John brought me home flowers last night! They are so pretty and I am excited to show them off when everyone comes to my PC party on Thursday. I am excited for my party, for treats, to hang out with everyone, and to get free stuff.

[Comments] (7) : I asked John what he was making me for dinner and he said "Yummy Balls!" which are, of course, pre-made in the freezer. I will use that question in the future to get him to give me ideas for dinner. We are also having aspargus with hollandaise sauce, because aspargus was on sale.

It feels like it is practically the weekend because my party is on Thursday and Friday we are driving to CA. I've been giving myself fun projects at work, like cleaning out old files. I am even determined to organize our miserable and hopeless file room, mostly with the help of the company records retention room- We never look at it- why should it be in my way when I'm filing?

We went up to the retention room today, Linda and I. She hadn't been up there in about four years, which is probably why she forgot that our stuff was in a different room in the back. We spent 5 minutes wandering around looking for a Human Resources spot, only to find four entire shelves for us in the other room. I am excited to use those shelves to get rid of the junk in our back room.

[Comments] (3) I am becoming boring: I never write anything anymore. Well, one exciting thing: I finally made tomato-fennel soup today. It was pretty good, but I made a huge mess, even with the blender less than half full. I did like the croutons though. I bought the fennel in Bakersfield.

We had a great trip. We spent lots of quality time with Mom and Grandma learning about Grandma Della, Grandma Rachel, and Grandma Susanna. All Grandma remembers about Grandma Susanna is that she was honery and she has a picture of her sitting on the porch with a gun on her lap.

Work is going well. I am keeping very busy by picking up old filing anytime I find myself with nothing to do. I like being busy, but I suspect I will eventually even run out of filing.

[Comments] (6) Unboring: ok, ok, fine.

Today our insurance brokers came and took us to lunch. I insisted we get mexican, because I had to slave in the cafeteria over fajita toppings all morning and then didn't get any. It was yummy and I learned about some state propositions affecting insurance plans.

I have spent most of my freetime at work (I think most of my time is pretty discretionary) doing ancient filing. Today I did old encapsulation tests and exit interviews, which were filed together instead of in individual personnel files. As boring as it sounds (or should I not use the word anymore?) I enjoy filing. I especially enjoy finding mistakes and fixing stuff (files in the wrong year, wrong order etc). It makes me feel organized.

Enrichment is tonight and we are doing yoga.

: Kathy wrote a quote on the board for us the other day: "We'll reach success by taking small steps, so let's take them quickly!"

: Hanging out briefly while waiting for Kathy to finish her part of a project we are working on. Luckily we are almost done with the part I'm relying on her for, and then I can go home and finish the rest while she is gone next week.

We are working on something confidential and I am securing it. I learned how to password-protect read-only cells in an Excel sheet so people don't accidentally change stuff, but can still change the stuff we want them to change. I also made a big list of passwords (and password-protected the file) so we can put passwords on each individual file. I also have to send out voicemails to everyone with their password.

I like figuring out how to do new things in programs, although I realized when I was halfway through that I was doing 1/3 more work than I needed to.

[Comments] (2) : Last night when I got home all late from work, John had cooked a yummy dinner for me. He made porkchops with creamcheese-garlic sauce, carrots and some yummy lemon bars. It was delicious! We did a puzzle together and watched Harry Potter. It was nice to move our table into the center of the room so we could do both at the same time and be comfy.

Today we are up at my in-laws, shopping and making John's graduation announcements. And doing laundry. I even got the house all cleaned before we left, because John had to go to a stupid group meeting.

Also, I am teaching Relief Society tomorrow, and getting my lesson all ready. John asked if I was going to bring a tablecloth, but I informed him that the Relief Society has it's own tablecloths.

[Comments] (4) I won 50 cents in Wendover: Well, the tally is in. I am getting $45 of free stuff from my Pampered Chef party, plus I saved $15 on the other few things I bought. I am excited for free stuff! I got some cool things.

John was making dinner again when I got home from work. Jana and I went to the scrapbook store to make cards and just hang out.

Linda took her daughter to Wendover for her 21st birthday. I gave her a dollar to gamble for me. I was up to $8 once, she said, but Brian said "one more push" and I only came out 50 cents ahead. I spent it on paper at the scrapbooking store.

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