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Today our insurance brokers came and took us to lunch. I insisted we get mexican, because I had to slave in the cafeteria over fajita toppings all morning and then didn't get any. It was yummy and I learned about some state propositions affecting insurance plans.

I have spent most of my freetime at work (I think most of my time is pretty discretionary) doing ancient filing. Today I did old encapsulation tests and exit interviews, which were filed together instead of in individual personnel files. As boring as it sounds (or should I not use the word anymore?) I enjoy filing. I especially enjoy finding mistakes and fixing stuff (files in the wrong year, wrong order etc). It makes me feel organized.

Enrichment is tonight and we are doing yoga.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Feb 23 2005 19:28

You would be crazy to like one of my temp jobs that was filing. It was for a phone company in Alaska. Imagine having to file single pages in a stack about 2 feet high. I am not kidding. Plus having to file them into folders that were all the phone numbers pretty much in Alaska. Ok, it felt like it. I seriously had to go through thousands of files and that was all I did for 45 hours a week. By the 3rd week I was so done I seriously hated my life.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Feb 24 2005 18:45

I enjoy Yoga so much more with a live teacher than with a TV screen. Hopefully you had a teacher for your class.

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 24 2005 20:55

We had a teacher. She sent me home with a little routine on a paper. I tried it tonight with some music going. It was nice.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Feb 25 2005 12:10

Soon all the people I know will be doing yoga and I'll just have to pretend I know all the asanas by dint of Indianness. I even get Yoga Journal because I signed up for it through Salon Premium. It's a very pro-yoga publication.

Posted by Susi at Fri Feb 25 2005 16:22

Who'd have thunk.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Feb 25 2005 17:12

I've never really done Yoga, but I love Pilates. They are starting a Yoga class at the gym but it's on Fridays and I am almost always in LA on Fridays. Maybe one week I will go down early (and miss my Pilates on Wednesday) so I can go to Yoga.

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