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[Comments] (3) : What is the point of smashing peanut butter cookies with a fork? I didn't in my first batch because I wanted to put chocolate chips on them, but they got all crackley.

We are enjoying the first episode of the new Amazing Race season. Tomorrow morning Linda and I are going to Salt Lake for a meeting. We have to get up early, but there will be free breakfast. I guess that's about all the news.


Posted by Frances at Wed Mar 02 2005 10:30

I have a set of little glass cookie smashers that make a heart or flower imprint on the cookie.

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 02 2005 13:19

I've seen things like that before, but I didn't know you had any.

Posted by Kristen at Wed Mar 02 2005 14:38

When are you and John trying out for Amazing Race?

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