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[Comments] (7) : I knew the scary headless Gretel picture had to be around somewhere.


Posted by Rachel at Thu Mar 24 2005 16:53

Isn't that a disembodied-hed Gretel?

Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 24 2005 17:07

That's what I meant.

Posted by John at Thu Mar 24 2005 19:11

Darn wuzzle!

Posted by Kristen at Fri Mar 25 2005 15:44

Do you still want to borrow LotR DVDs?

Posted by John at Sat Mar 26 2005 19:00


Posted by Susie at Sun Mar 27 2005 14:09

I've been carrying your check around in my purse for a week. Can I come by after work on Monday?

Posted by Kristen at Mon Mar 28 2005 19:28

You can, if you haven't already...it is past 5:30. FYI we will be out of town until Thurs.

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