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[Comments] (1) The Best April Fool: I've never had a really good April Fool's joke played on me, but Linda gave it a great shot today. I had to go to an orientation for some volunteer work I'm going to be doing, so I didn't come in until 9:15. My mouse didn't move. I wondered why someone silly had put velco on the bottom. When my drawer wouldn't open, I remembered it was April Fool's Day (partly because Linda was standing there laughing at me). Got the drawer open, and my computer had never turned on. Linda had unplugged my moniter (that was pretty good, since I had no idea how to get it back on).

The best joke was that she had pried off the "M" and "N" on my keyboard and switched them. The reason this joke was so great, is because Linda was standing behind me shouting "how are you doing that!!?!" as I typed along. The joke was on her- I don't look at the keyboard when I type.

: The other day I was doing I-9 information on an employee from another state and the driver's license said "anatomical gift information on back".

Things have picked up around here, although it may be because I was lazy on Friday and I am catching up on beginning-of-the-month stuff. I brought my lunch today and the exact same thing was being offered in the cafeteria. At least I paid less.

[Comments] (2) Spoiler Alert: On Finding Neverland. I thought it was so obvious the first time she coughed that she would die. It was supposed to be foreshadowing, but it was dead obvious.

[Comments] (9) : Linda and I spent half an hour in the copy room shredding stuff today. We cleaned out the recruiting office, where the former occupant apparently printed out and kept every report every written. One example: sign-up sheets for Breakfast with Santa in 1996.

Last night was my first night going to USDC to volunteer in their hippotherapy program. I got lots of advice from the Rec Therapists there, but it wasn't a good day to ride- only a few individuals came out. I think it will be good experience though.

I'm afraid today is going to be another slow day.

[Comments] (5) : We had a good, if lazy, weekend. We borrowed the extended-version The Lord of the Rings from Kristen and Aaron and watched the whole thing. We also went out to Macaroni Grill, bought a new swimming suit for me, and had some neighbors over for dinner, games and good times. It went by way too quickly.

So, what is the Holy See? It reminds me of The Great Eye (and not because I watched too much Middle Earth). Ok, nevermind, I will look it up and enlighten us all. "The authority, jurisdiction and governmental functions associated with the papacy." Basically what I thought. It's the governmental state of the Vatican City.

See? You DO learn something new everyday.

[Comments] (2) Roadkill: There are some ponds outside of my work with lots of ducks, and geese, and even more pigeons. (Now, it's pretty obvious what an entry titled "Roadkill" that starts out "There are some ponds outside of my work with lots of ducks, and geese, and even more pigeons" is about to say, but I thought I might need an editorial note to warn you just in case. If you love ducks obsessively, stop reading!)

These ducks are either very stupid or very haughty, the way they cross the street (to the other pond) with their ducklings in tow. But the cars stop for them. I only saw one dead duck in the first 9 months I worked here. This week there have been four. Yuck. Also, when I was driving to USDC yesterday, I saw three roadkills on the freeway that looked like raccoons, or something fat, gray and fuzzy. Too fat to be a kitty. And we will not discuss dead kitties.

Speaking of driving, yesterday my right turn signal suddenly started blinking much faster than normal. It is still doing it, but only on the right side. It is very annoying.

[Comments] (1) : We're going on a cruise!!!! Yay!!! I spent the whole day in Kandis' office with the door shut, which made me feel productive, even though we talk as much as we work. I'm so excited! Thanks for finishing school, honey!

: John and I went to our ward closing social on Friday night. We ate dinner with our next door neighbors, then sat around and talked with our next door neighbors. Then we gave up and came home and played dominoes with our next door neighbors. Yesterday I cleaned the house and got a haircut. John and I went for a nice long walk on the Provo River Trail.

Today we are having another ward thing because we got a new Bishop today. His wife is the dean of the College of Health and Human Performance.

I am trying to sew one of those bags filled with rice that you put in the microwave or freezer. The only fabric I have is quilt squares, but I’m pretty good at sewing in straight lines. I was almost done sewing a pink flannel cover for it, but then my sewing machine started making a funny noise, and wouldn’t you know it, all kinds of stuff fell out of my bobbin door. Mommy, you will have to help me put it back in when you get here.

[Comments] (4) : Last night I got together with four of the girls I went to Romania with (Kristen, Lisa, Angela and Emily). I hadn't seen Lisa since she left on her mission, more than two years ago. Kristen is having a baby, due on October 4. We got married the day before their 1 year anniversary (she was engaged while we were over there).

We had dinner and got to look at Lisa's mission pictures. Kristen and I reminisced about our kids, silly things we did, furniture that fell apart, etc. I got out my "Romania quotes" from my scrapbook and we laughed at ourselves.

I also got my new stamps last night. Unfortunately, I am very busy this week. I may be able to squeeze some stamping time in on Tuesday. I'm very excited to use my new stamps.

I'm also very excited to see Mom, Leonard, and Sumana who are all coming for John's graduation. The next three weeks are going to be great!

[Comments] (8) Brag, Brag: John's so cute! Not only is he graduating with a great job and we get to move back to CA, but he cleaned the whole kitchen for me, top to bottom, inside and out. He even reorganized most of our cupboards. Then he emailed me and said "do you want to go shopping tonight?" Who doesn't! So we went shopping and bought secret birthday presents.

My family's coming today! yay! We are going to have a whirlwind tour of Utah for Sumana.

: Yesterday, the CFO took Linda and I to lunch to thank us for all our help and long hours fixing W-2s. I had a huge piece of chocolate cake.

Everyone made it here safely. I'm excited for all the activities we have planned, and also to see all the Chadwick clan today (except Franco who has to work). What a great weekend it will be!

More Bragging: John, much to is surprise, graduated Magna Cum Laude undergrad, and with Distinction for his graduate. I'm so proud of you! Thanks for being a nerd!

[Comments] (1) : We had a great time with all the family this weekend (except the Woot!). Everyone arrived Thursday night and I made tacos for dinner. Friday morning we drove to Bridal Veil falls (it was closed), then went to Deseret Book. We walked up to the Marriott center to meet the Chadwicks and be proud of John. We all went out to a casual dinner after and I think everyone had fun chatting. Grandma June was there- she always livens up a party.

Friday we went to DI and then picked up Camilla for the big Whitney luncheon at Macaroni Grill for Mom's birthday. I guess I should say Call luncheon, because most of the Omans also came. Leonard, Sumana, John and I left immediately from there for the Salt Lake portion of our journey. We saw the Conference Center, Temple Square, the Distribution Center, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and the Church History Museum. We only visited the development of the church section and the Presidents' Gallery. The new Joseph Smith exhibit was packed.

We took TRAX to the Sam Weller bookstore downtown and read some books. Then we took TRAX back to the Delta Center to eat dinner at the Gateway. We ate at a place called "Thaifoon", despite the name. the food was pretty good, especially the banana springrolls. While we were eating it began to pour, so we had a fun trip back to the car without any coats.

We picked up Mom at Uncle Jon's and got to visit for a while. Then we squished with Camilla in the car to get back to Provo. John was kind enough to take Leonard and Sumana to the train station late at night so I could spend more time with Mom, who left this morning.

So that's my travelogue, even though I wasn't the one travelling. Thanks for coming to visit, everyone, and for supporting Master John and his achievements.

: Today I went to visit a friend in the hospital- she is having a tumor removed from around her spinal column! Yikes! She is very optimistic though, and the "it could be worse"s are so many. It just made me very grateful for my health.

We're going on a cruise in one week!

Machine Wash Cold: Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Line-dry in shade. Dry immediately to avoid bleeding.

So reads the tag on my new bathing suit. What do they think I'm going to be doing with it?

John made four wonderful scrapbook pages yesterday. He made two graduation pages and two pages of the Holbrook (Susan's family) and Richardson farms. They are so cute! He used these antiquey stickers and paper for the farms with some old pictures I had, and some pictures of old stuff we recently took in Lehi. John is a much better scrapbooker than I'll ever be.

[Comments] (5) Secretarie!: Yesterday being "Administrative Professionals Day" and all, Kathy went out and bought me a cute 12x12 scrapbook, for our cruise pictures. My co-workers such nerds, being all secretive. They also gave me some gift certificates (our main incentive program there). They said they couldn't get me flowers since I was leaving for our cruise- just as well.

We made it here safe. I had a great afternoon with Evaun learning about recreation consulting, and doing some quick crafts at some of the homes. Even though she can't offer me full-time right now (well, in July), it sounds like a great opportunity- very flexible, and something I can do.

We also visited the Tustin apartments we want to move into. It was much more hopeful than expected. Very cheap, fairly nice. We won't be able to get a 2 bedroom right away, but probably within a year.

Also having fun helping Jamie with her scrapbooking "kit of the month". I cut up 400 yards of ribbon so far. So excited for our cruise!

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