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[Comments] (9) : Linda and I spent half an hour in the copy room shredding stuff today. We cleaned out the recruiting office, where the former occupant apparently printed out and kept every report every written. One example: sign-up sheets for Breakfast with Santa in 1996.

Last night was my first night going to USDC to volunteer in their hippotherapy program. I got lots of advice from the Rec Therapists there, but it wasn't a good day to ride- only a few individuals came out. I think it will be good experience though.

I'm afraid today is going to be another slow day.


Posted by John at Wed Apr 06 2005 11:43

Hippo? I thought it was equestrian therapy?

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 06 2005 15:10

It is, but it's called hippotherapy. Hippo means horse in ancient Greek. Hippopotamus means river horse.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Apr 06 2005 15:48

horsies!!! i want hippotherapy!

Posted by John at Wed Apr 06 2005 15:50

Since when do you speak Greek? I thought you just spoke Roman!

Posted by Susie at Wed Apr 06 2005 15:51

Since I earned a degree in Recreational Therapy and learned about hippotherapy and why it's called that. =P Rachie, they said I could ride if I wanted, so I'm sure you could IF YOU CAME TO VISIT!

Posted by Sumana at Thu Apr 07 2005 10:10

John, you made me laugh out loud.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 07 2005 19:42

but that would require me coming to utah... can't you do hippo therapy in oc?

Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 08 2005 07:27

I don't know. I am having a meeting with Evaun in three weeks to find out.

Posted by John at Fri Apr 08 2005 10:13

Rachel: If you don't come to Utah in April, you'll miss mom's birthday!!!

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