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[Comments] (5) : We had a good, if lazy, weekend. We borrowed the extended-version The Lord of the Rings from Kristen and Aaron and watched the whole thing. We also went out to Macaroni Grill, bought a new swimming suit for me, and had some neighbors over for dinner, games and good times. It went by way too quickly.

So, what is the Holy See? It reminds me of The Great Eye (and not because I watched too much Middle Earth). Ok, nevermind, I will look it up and enlighten us all. "The authority, jurisdiction and governmental functions associated with the papacy." Basically what I thought. It's the governmental state of the Vatican City.

See? You DO learn something new everyday.

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Posted by John at Mon Apr 11 2005 18:21

I've learned that Susie has too much free time at work these days.

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 11 2005 20:21

I already knew that.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Apr 12 2005 10:17

You watched THE ENTIRE extended edition for all three movies? I feel exhausted just thinking about that! Glad you enjoyed it.

There are lots of awful puns about The Holy See.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Apr 12 2005 11:14

I can't believe you watched all 3 of them back to back. I don't even think Aaron could do that. Well, he probably could if he wanted to.

Posted by John at Tue Apr 12 2005 12:18

It was not what it sounds like.

Friday was FOTR.
Saturday was TTT.
Sunday was ROTK.

Honestly. I've got finals.

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