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[Comments] (8) Brag, Brag: John's so cute! Not only is he graduating with a great job and we get to move back to CA, but he cleaned the whole kitchen for me, top to bottom, inside and out. He even reorganized most of our cupboards. Then he emailed me and said "do you want to go shopping tonight?" Who doesn't! So we went shopping and bought secret birthday presents.

My family's coming today! yay! We are going to have a whirlwind tour of Utah for Sumana.


Posted by Sumana at Thu Apr 21 2005 09:10

You make marriage sound like a wheee!

Posted by John at Thu Apr 21 2005 11:12

Susie and I only fight about having the window open at night. Susie always wins and I am always hot all night.

And kids. But we won't go there. Irene.

Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 21 2005 14:23

Marriage is a whee, especially if you're married to someone as great as John!

Posted by John at Thu Apr 21 2005 17:18

(blushes) let's talk about something else.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 21 2005 17:19

Susie is juts like the Serbian and French peasants who were afriad of open air and made constant battle with the nurses trying to keep the windows open!

Or maybe she just gets cold easily.

Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 22 2005 07:29

No way. the Romanians are like that too. They call it the "curent", and they think a child will die if it feels a draft. It was like 95 degrees in the orphanage all winter and they freaked out because we wore sandals inside.

Posted by John at Sat Apr 23 2005 08:17

The Chinese think you'll get sick if you go to bed with wet hair, even in the summertime.

Posted by Susie at Sun Apr 24 2005 11:41

Some Americans think that...

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