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[Comments] (5) Secretarie!: Yesterday being "Administrative Professionals Day" and all, Kathy went out and bought me a cute 12x12 scrapbook, for our cruise pictures. My co-workers such nerds, being all secretive. They also gave me some gift certificates (our main incentive program there). They said they couldn't get me flowers since I was leaving for our cruise- just as well.

We made it here safe. I had a great afternoon with Evaun learning about recreation consulting, and doing some quick crafts at some of the homes. Even though she can't offer me full-time right now (well, in July), it sounds like a great opportunity- very flexible, and something I can do.

We also visited the Tustin apartments we want to move into. It was much more hopeful than expected. Very cheap, fairly nice. We won't be able to get a 2 bedroom right away, but probably within a year.

Also having fun helping Jamie with her scrapbooking "kit of the month". I cut up 400 yards of ribbon so far. So excited for our cruise!


Posted by Alyson at Sat Apr 30 2005 16:58

Okay, can I have dibs on you the moment you get back from your cruise? I am going to be in Provo until Monday morning, May 10th. PLEEEAAASE??? What time do you return? BAH!! You are leaving tomorrow! I hope you check your blog before you go.

*I know there are better ways to get in touch with you, but I hate to use too much long-distance at my in-laws and my lousey calling card doesn't work calling out of Canada.*

Posted by John at Sun May 01 2005 10:53

We get back on the 8th pretty late at night. But we were already planning on having FHE Monday night with you guys at Kristin's home. Hope that would work for you.

Posted by Susie at Sun May 01 2005 11:53

What John said. We're one step ahead of you! Hope to see you next Monday!

Posted by Kristen at Mon May 02 2005 14:42

May 9th for FHE, right?

Posted by Susie at Sun May 08 2005 21:23

Yes, John left you a message.

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