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[Comments] (2) : I've only been at work five minutes and we've already had an adventure. Hugo killed a giant spider for me. Don't worry, this isn't a QA problem (they just sprayed a few days ago). We have three sets of emergency doors leading out of our office, and the bugs come in from outside. Yuck. Good thing Hugo was here to save me.

Tomorrow morning we are going to Moab with Jodi and Franco. I'm excited to go hiking, eat s'mores, and also to take pictures so we can get our film developed!


Posted by Kristen at Fri May 20 2005 13:36

You need a digital camera, they are so nice to have. At our house when there are bugs, especially spiders, I have to kill them because the baby won't go near them.

Posted by John at Fri May 20 2005 14:47

No, we want a digital camera. One day we'll be able to afford one.

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