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[Comments] (3) : I ordered a label maker for Kathy and it came today. When I opened it up and was loading the tape in, I found a piece of label all rolled up inside that said "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 23°C". I'm pretty sure it's a secret message. What better way to transmit a secret message than hidden inside a label maker!

I just printed my first label ("Congratulations!" the User Guide says). It says "Susie" and is outlined with a cute little alligator.

In case you don't know how clumsy I am: The other day I was copying a HUGE stack of papers for Kathy and I sat them down on my desk until I could find a box big enough to mail them in. Then I managed to scrape my arm across the pile and give myself 15 papercuts at once! But for all the letters I send and boxes I pry open (we have this weird paper-tape that gets pokey when cut with a box-opener), I definitely get the most papercuts filing.

We had a good Sunday. I like going to my in-laws on Friday night instead of Saturday because it's nice to come home and still have Sunday ahead. Day of Rest!

[Comments] (5) : If I had a rule that I had to update every time I checked Crummy, I think the server would overload with my entries. But this time I thought I'd go for it. So here are some helpful hints for any job seekers out there.

If I can't tell what position you are applying for, I am going to delete your resume.
If you're not applying for a specific position, I'm going to shred your resume.
If you're not applying for a position we have open, I'm going to shred your resume.
If you must be 18 to get the job you are applying for, and you are not 18, I'm going to shred 
your application.
If there is no phone number on your resume or application, we won't call you for an interview.
If you show up 15 minutes early for your interview, you will wait in the lobby for at least 
14 minutes.
Remember the name of the person interviewing you.
Spell your name right.
Learn your zipcode.
Ask questions, but don't say "which job was this again?"
You should at least know what the company does.

[Comments] (2) Funny things John says: On Golden Girls Blanche was saying that her great-grandfather said never to sell a car or a slave to a friend because when it stops working you’ll never hear the end of it. Then John said. “Did they even have cars when they had slaves?”

Also, when we were in Moab John told Franco he should buy a shirt that said “Moab: I got sand in my pants.”

[Comments] (2) Darrell, on the hiring process: Don't count your chickens before they hatch: you'll end up with turkeys!

[Comments] (2) Yay!: We have finally agreed on someone to follow in my footsteps here at work, and I'm very excited about it. Not only do I love training, but I think this person will be great for the job, and fun to work with for the next few weeks, while she learns our departments idiosyncratic ways.

Also, we're going to the cabin!

[Comments] (3) The Never-Ending Day: One thing I am going to miss about Utah is the ample outdoorsy stuff. I really enjoyed our hike with Joe and Louise on Saturday. It was a great workout, and wonderful to be outdoors and see all the green trees, the little "potguts", as John called them, the moose... And I was hardly scared in the cabin! Of course, CA has the beach!

Today has seemed to last forever. We even went for two walks! I also got a bit more packing done, planned some using-up-the-cupboard-goods meals, and we watched Pirates of the Carribean. John and I got lots of time to talk. And it's still only 9 pm. Maybe it's because I've finished The Order of the Phoenix and I can't continue. It will keep me excited for The Half-Blood Prince, but meanwhile I am continuing on rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events. The drawback: they only take a couple of hours to read.

Time must have slowed down or something. We probably won't get another day like this- next weekend is Father's Day and we are spending half in Midvale and half at the cabin. The next weekend is our last and we will have to spend it packing. Then we are moving and have to spend our next weekend unpacking and getting all kinds of necessary moving stuff done (buy fridge, renew licenses and registrations, go to Disneyland...)

[Comments] (1) : We have some conditioner that is sour green apple scented and reminds me of green Sweetarts.

I bought new tires today.

Another Busy Weekend: We are up at the Chadwicks', enjoying our last weekend here. Tomorrow morning we are getting up early to go to the Salt Lake Temple, since I have never been, and Jodi and Franco might go with us. Then the whole family is going to Madagascar which I think looks hilarious, and especially like a movie Mom would like. Then we are going to spend the night at the cabin. Sunday we are having a Father's day party and birthday party for Logan, James and John at the cabin for the whole family. John and I already have our hike planned and I'm excited.

: What a wonderfuly weekend! John and I had a great time hanging out with our family, hiking in the woods, attending a session at the Salt Lake Temple, and celebrating Father's Day. Now, moving on to the real world of... moving.

[Comments] (2) I Like to Move It, Move It: One thing I can say about Madagascar- the music is very catchy. And it's even more cute on Hannah than the lemurs!

I'm getting very excited to move. John and I packed some more tonight and ran other getting-ready-to-move errands. I'm so excited for our new place, a deck where I can grow basil, Disneyland, Tyler, new job, Disneyland, Harry Potter, yay!

[Comments] (1) Potato Salad and Broccoli Salad: When we had some friends over a few weeks ago, one of them brought a very yummy potato salad. John made it for our family party this weekend and I'm loving the leftovers so much I thought I'd share the recipe. I don't like mayo, so I loved that this uses mostly oil and vinegar.<

Chop potatoes and boil just until softened. After draining, marinate potatoes in 1/4c. olive oil, 1/4 c. white vinegar. Let sit for a while.

Stir in: Small amount of mayonnaise, chopped green onions, chopped hard boiled eggs, celery, salt and pepper.

We also made broccoli salad last night for dinner with Tyler and Tasha. Also very highly recommended.

Cut up 1 head broccoli into very small pieces. Add 4 pieces crumbled, cooked bacon, 2/3 c. sunflower seeds, 2/3 c. grated cheese, 1/4 c. minced onion. Dressing: 1/2 c. mayo, 3 T. sugar, 2 T. vinegar.

[Comments] (4) : I need a hug.

[Comments] (5) : We had such a great time at the family picnic last night. I've been so lucky to have my extended family around to hang out with and take care of me. John is still getting used to the fact that I even know who my second cousins are, much less have hung out with them.

Anyway, nearly everyone was there except for a few cousins who had to work. Even some of the Omans came, including Elliot the rabbit. It was especially great to see Michael again (the only time I'd seen him since his mission was at my wedding), and to hang out with Brynn, whom I'll especially miss.

[Comments] (2) : Well, other than the fact that our movers haven't actually moved anything yet (mer) it's been a productive evening. We managed to get as much of the cleaning done as we could with furniture in the house and cooking/cleaning stuff all over the counters. One of our neighbors saw us in need and came over and cleaned a set of our blinds. Now I am sitting here eating frozen peas from the bag with a spoon (dinner) and wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

[Comments] (5) : While we were hiking in the woods by John's cabin, walking along the stream, John randomly said "Wouldn't it be fun to be water?" He has such cute ideas sometimes.

[Comments] (1) Adventures and Gifts: We are going on our merry way to California soon. Kandis and Kristen both gave me little gifts today: some candy, some yummy cookies (this is Kandis' sister), soap and tasty lipgloss. I am so spoiled!

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