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[Comments] (5) : While we were hiking in the woods by John's cabin, walking along the stream, John randomly said "Wouldn't it be fun to be water?" He has such cute ideas sometimes.


Posted by The Defense at Thu Jun 30 2005 11:48

Water on a mountaintop gets to go to lakes, oceans, etc. It's like a roller coaster getting there. But being water on the Tropic of Capricorn caught between the moon and New York City would hardly be fun.

Posted by Sumana (amicus brief) at Thu Jun 30 2005 13:44

In defense of the defense: it would be awesome to be water. You'd get to also try being gas and solid in addition to liquid.

Posted by Susie at Thu Jun 30 2005 14:28

Why are we being defensive? I said it was cute!!

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jun 30 2005 16:55

I think because "cute" often corresponds to "not worth taking seriously." Even a nonserious idea is worth taking "seriously." Kind of.

Wow, if I'm this loopy before surgery....

Posted by Frances at Thu Jun 30 2005 18:54

John is seriously cute.

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