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[Comments] (4) California Girl: We made it! We're officially moved into our new apartment in the lovely town of Costa Mesa. It was a long drive and many trips from the three cars full of our stuff, but we made it in one piece. Right now we are stuck at home waiting for our refrigerator to be delivered- our movers are (surprise!) coming tomorrow.

This afternoon we went for a drive to look at nightstands and to check out the neighborhood. We live on the coolest street! Not only are we just blocks away from South Coast Plaza, the biggest mall I've ever seen, but we drove down the road to find Bed Bath and Beyond and also found: Target, In-and-Out, Trader Joe's, Vons, and plenty of other less exciting places. I have lots of Target gift cards from Nature's Way, so they'd better watch out! I am also excited to visit The Container Store. It sounds like a place I would love!

Our new apartment is great, I love being so close to the freeway (all three of them), not to mention the beach, the temple, and we have a pool and a deck and a skylight and vaulted ceilings. All we need is furniture! (and a fridge)

I'm glad to be home.

[Comments] (2) Happy Fourth!: Having a good time with Jamie and David etc. We went to the beach this morning and spent several hours. The boys had fun boogie-boarding and we built a sandcastle and a big hole. John and I went to walk on the pier but it was closed for firework setup. I enjoyed sitting on a chair under an umbrella eating veggies.

Jamie has already put me to work lots. I love making kits for her. She's also had me just prep some stuff for August kit-making and do some data entry for international labels. *type type type* Since John is spending two days in LA for orientation, I will probably come help with July shipping before starting with Evaun on Friday. It's time for BBQ!

: Sharon packed up a box of music and other things that had been in the bench of Aunt Carolyn's piano. It was very interesting to go through. There were poems and doodles on scraps of paper, newspaper clippings, two halves of a Freud book, a picture of Aunt Carolyn donating original art to the Utah Symphony (and wearing my green dress- that was weird) and a lot of really old music that belonged to Della. Mom, I've saved it all for you to look through.

[Comments] (1) : I got tired of doing nothing while waiting for the wireless to get back up, so I finally looked up the county library. Turns out I wasn't hallucinating when I thought I saw a "Public Library" sign in the strip mall down the street from our place. A strip mall library! With free wireless! how cool is that. And your first five copies per day are free.

*Note: This library does not appear to be very effective if one desires actual books.

Happy Birthday, Leonard!: Sorry I called a day early.

[Comments] (4) Planted: John refuses to post a wishlist for his birthday (July 22nd!) so I am doing it for him. John would like: Wise and Otherwise, this cool game we played with Kristen and Aaron; Harry Potter 6; Rhoad Dahl books (in particular Matilda, The Witches, James and the Giant Peach, or The BFG); Robinsons-May gift card (new favorite store); digital camera (hahaha); plants.

We just bought a nice plant at Home Depot with a gift card John got from his brother. John loves plants now. It is a nice tall tropical tree thingy and it fills the corner between our bookshelf and our door perfectly. I also planted my basil but no sprouts yet. The plant I have from Grandpa's funeral did not do well on the deck. The leaves on one side were rapidly losing all their color and becoming limp. Not sure what could have caused this.

[Comments] (6) Job Search: This week I have been working (temp job) at a fancy desk in a fancy office in a fancy building in a fancy neighborhood. How fancy, you ask? The fancy plant in the bathrrom has plant-green hairclips holding it to the stick. I'm supposed to take 1 hour lunch (blah! how about ten minutes?) so today I wandered across the road to the Sur La Table I noticed, because I know Rachel loves that store. It seemed like a cross between Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath and Beyond. You can go to a sushi-making seminar for only $85!

Anyway, I am being the receptionist and I basically sit there and stare into space. There are barely any phone calls. Today I actually spent 2 1/2 hours making booklets. It was great. I don't have a computer or anything, so there's very little work they can give me. However, the office does have two flat screen TVs so I can watch CNN in stereo all day. By the way, this place is marketing a cancer cure... No really.

I am making a yummy dinner for John- chicken fingers, cheddar-biscuits and brown sugar carrots. Unfortunately, he called to say he won't be home until 8. It's too bad I wasn't together the last two days when he got home when he said he would. I'm glad we are busy though- it keeps things interesting. This week I have learned that if we don't go to the pool, we never have time to sit and talk! Of course, John's first CPA exam is on Saturday and I've been busy too.

I've had a ton of interviews. How do I interview when I'm working at a temp job? Good question. I had an interview at 7 AM today. It was great, but I got stuck in a ton of traffic afterwards, trying to drive from Tustin to Newport Beach- through the business center of the OC, merging onto three different freeways. Duh. I shoulda seen that one coming. Anyway. Most of the interviews I've had don't interest me, but a few have and I think I have a good chance. The temp agencies I registered with (they thought they had a good job opening for me) were all very impressed with me computer skills scores. The job market is definitely better here. I will be settled into a job I love soon.

Yay, my biscuits are done. In with the chicken fingers.

Basil Update: I have sprouts! I just peeked outside and there are little splotches of green things coming up in my pot. I think maybe I planted a lot of seeds...

[Comments] (3) Happiness Is: All the good news: Tonight we are going to Coldstone. We are also having cheesybaconspanishrice and my homemade tortillas for dinner (if it ever finishes cooking). Yum!

Tomorrow: HP!!! Of course we don't get ours for another week, but still! Also, John is taking his first CPA exam, which means at least a day or two of less stress for him. And, when he gets home we are going to DISNEYLAND!!!!! I'm also excited to go to our new ward again.

Monday: I start my new job! I got an offer to work as a Human Resources Administrative Assistant (sound familiar?) doing similar work to what I did for Nature's Way. It's with a company in Tustin that conducts clinical trials all over the country. It's smaller than NW, but still large enough that I will enjoy it; I have learned that I don't like working for small companies. Anyway, this job pays great, has awesome benefits, and the job sounds perfect for me. I'm very excited to start.

As John said, it really says something about the difference in job markets. I was able to find a great job here in a week, while working a temp job fulltime. No wonder houses can sell for so much- people keep moving out for great jobs.

[Comments] (2) : It's been a busy day. I cleaned the house and sat around a bit while John studied this morning. I left before him to run errands- Target, Vons, bank etc. Then I put groceries away, repotted our plant (including drilling a hold in the pot- a cordless drill is such a great wedding gift), vaccuumed, now I'm pooped. John will be home around 5:30 and then we're off to California Adventure!

I hate how expensive spices are here. I enjoyed having the noname 99cent bottles at Macey's. I spent $10 on two bottles today! Ack! Also, I returned our broom to Target because the handle kept falling off. Then I forgot to get a new one! D'oh. If I'd remembered earlier I would have gotten one at the store or something. But I didn't remember until I got home and thought "hey, I didn't actually spend anything at Target cause I just used the money I got for returninig the.... oops."

Smile: This weekend was even better than it promised to be. We had a great time at Disneyland/California Adventure. I like rollercoaster rides and swingy rides most, so I enjoyed Screamin' and Soarin' over California and we also got to go on Thunder Mountain. We also had very yummy pineapple ice cream.

I was telling Mom in an email about Soarin'- it's supposed to be like you're flying over California seeing (and smelling and feeling) the sights. The chairs move a little with the plane and you can feel the breeze. You're practically inside the screen, watching Yosemite, Malibu, and the orange groves fly by. It's a great ride.

Tonight we went to Jamie and David's, to eat dinner with them and to stay with the boys while David picked Jamie up at the airport. I got to read 2 chapters of Chad's Half-Blood Prince and I am excited, but enjoying the suspense. Ok, well I already know some important things that happen (I'm a spoilsport), but still! I still have a great book to look forward to!

New job starts tomorrow.

CubeWorld: Today I started my new job at Integrium. I did corporate training all day, except when the trainer took me to lunch. They are as excited to have me as I am to be there. The company sounds great to work for. Everyone is really nice, the benefits are awesome (and outsourced!). I even have my very own cubicle! Andrea, the training coordinator, went around and got all of my desk supplies previously. She said she tried to get me all new things in boxes, so I had fun opening my new stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, hole punch. I also have a brand new computer. Of course, the place looks terribly bare, but I might be moving down the row to be closer to the two HR ladies (with real offices) so I won't get all settled in yet.

In other good news, I got three checks in the mail today. And maybe, just maybe we will finally have medium-temperatured water in our shower soon.

: We had a great time last night at Justin and Barbara's. We only live about ten minutes away. It was a lovely night with a lovely view and a lovely dinner prepared by Justin (Michelle manned the grill). In addition to the Walch contingent, Debbie, Suzie and her son Max were there. They were fun to talk to and get to know.

Still enjoying my new job. Hopefully that will last a long, long time.

John's birthday is tomorrow, yay! We are driving to Bakersfield to see Mom and Rachel and plan on having a great time.

[Comments] (1) Broken Ocean: It's hot. I don't think it's as hot as it was yesterday, but there is no breeze and I am sweating. I should probably turn the AC on. I guess I am baking cupcakes, so the oven is on.

Speaking of cupcakes. I went to two stores on my lunch hour, trying to find the kind of frosting John wanted. Either they don't make it anymore, they don't sell it California, or groceries stores here have a really poor selection of frosting. Actually, it's possible that Macey's just had a really great frosting section; after all, I can't have been the only college student who ate it from the jar.

Anyway, after all that, I got home and discovered I didn't have any cupcake liners, so I had to go back to the store. I decided to check out the Japanese market that's just down the street rather than fight rush hour traffic again. I had been battling my suspicions that this was an actual Japanese market rather than a supermarket with a large section of Japanese speciality items. Turns out, my suspicions were correct. It was actually more of a Japanese mall. But they had what I was looking for.

In the midst of all this, it has occured to me that I'm having a bad week. I had basically the same issue as with the frosting with the bank yesterday. I never did find the bank. I did find an ATM in the mall, but it didn't accept deposits. I also spent two hours at the mall looking for a nice oxford type shirt and never found one. Plus, I've been driving around like a maniac in the traffic. Yesterday I got onto the freeway going the wrong direction. It was so crowded going the correct way that I didn't want to get back on, so I found my own way home.

Luckily, this bad-week-ness only affects me when I'm in the car, so I've still been having a great time at my job and being busy at home. My cupcakes are baking, I have acceptable frosting ready, and I am excited for a great weekend with my family and a great birthday for my hubby.

Oh yeah, and I spent over $20 in gas for the first time today. I almost stopped the pump at $19 just to make myself feel better.

[Comments] (1) California Drivers: I finally got my car registered today. My license plates say "NUT". That should be easy to remember, but then again, it's always the numbers I forget. Now people won't wonder, "where did someone from Utah learn to drive like that?"

Work is going well. Today was a very busy day. I got up at 5:20 (John asked if I'd set me clock wrong) (he was already up studying) to go to work early, so I could leave early to go to the DMV. After that I went to Jamie's and worked for two hours. Then I came home (no traffic!). Since I didn't have to cook tonight (I ate at Jamie's, John had leftovers) I made No-Bake Cookies. Mine don't solidify fast enough. Any suggestions?

John is reading Half-Blood Prince. The more I think about it, the more I enjoyed that book. Yay! I reread the last few chapters, to make sure I didn't miss anything obvious, and I got all teary-eyed three times! Maybe my eyes were too busy flying through the pages.

[Comments] (3) It's about time: The Target I went to yesterday had trees planted every four spots in every row. What a brilliant idea! At least half of the spots are in the shade all the time! Since I didn't notice this in the Tustin Marketplace before, I looked around on my way back to work. Most of the parking lots do have trees planted in every row- but they're palm trees! Give me a break.

I also found a nifty way to get to my regular Vons on my way home from work. It's nice to just get it over with then, since I still got home more than 2 hours before John. 7-4 is a nice time to work.

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