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CubeWorld: Today I started my new job at Integrium. I did corporate training all day, except when the trainer took me to lunch. They are as excited to have me as I am to be there. The company sounds great to work for. Everyone is really nice, the benefits are awesome (and outsourced!). I even have my very own cubicle! Andrea, the training coordinator, went around and got all of my desk supplies previously. She said she tried to get me all new things in boxes, so I had fun opening my new stapler, tape dispenser, scissors, hole punch. I also have a brand new computer. Of course, the place looks terribly bare, but I might be moving down the row to be closer to the two HR ladies (with real offices) so I won't get all settled in yet.

In other good news, I got three checks in the mail today. And maybe, just maybe we will finally have medium-temperatured water in our shower soon.

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