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[Comments] (2) : I was much busier last night than I thought I would be. I got home from the grocery store after five and I spent the next two hours making dinner, doing laundry and putting the groceries away. Then I made cookies as quickly as possible and had a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen. I made a chicken-broccoli casserole and it seemed to use all of my pots and pans. I managed to get all the dishes done before 8:00. Then I had to hang up the wet laundry, put away the dry laundry (which John so graciously went and got for me). *whew* We still have semi-dry laundry all over our house. I have Enrichment tonight, but John is going to an Angel's game so I'll have some time to find our home again. At least my cookies (I made molasses cookies) are already made.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Aug 17 2005 08:02

You put me to shame!

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 17 2005 11:12

Well, we all have our productive days.

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