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[Comments] (4) : Since Sumana asked, I thought I would take the opportunity to talk about Jamie's business. Basically what she designs a different coordinating kit of scrapbooking supplies for every month and sends them all over the world. Her partner does the same so there are two main kits every month. There are also mini-kits and other supplies you can buy from her store. Here is the website if you'd like to look at some of the examples.

What I do is stuff the kits, label and box the international shipments and take them to the post office. Starting next month I'll also get to help with invoicing and domestic shipping. Since I love having a nice, tidy task to sit down and do, and John gets home several hours after me each day, this is a great job for me. Another great side effect is that it's a great excuse for John to play with his best buddy, Tyler. And I love working with Jamie. And I get paid. And I get free scrapbook stuff once in a while.

So go to her website and check it out. They also have newsletters with ideas of what to do with the kits and anyone can post things they've made. It's really pretty cool, and there are lots of cute scrapbooking supplies and papers every month.

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Posted by Sumana at Wed Aug 17 2005 13:06

Aha! Thanks. I misunderstood and was wondering whether you were talking about back-to-school kits to help out harried parents.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Aug 17 2005 13:13

I actually "scrapbooked" last night, pasting copies of my columns into a big blank book. I really wonder what I'll think of that work in a decade. I assume I'll think it stinks.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 17 2005 15:59

Are you referring to your "scrapbook"ing work, or your writing? I have some construction papers with articles I wrote glued to them. My work stinks.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 17 2005 17:00

We had to keep a "portfolio" of all of our work when I was in journalism. I still have mine but i haven't looked at it in ages, it probably stinks. I look back on scrapbooking I did ages ago and think it stinks.

Jaime's business is really great... I love to look at scrapbook pages where everything is well put together and coordinated, like a really great outfit. It is pleasing to the eye, and then perhaps people won't complaim so much when one makes them sit through one's scrapbook collection.

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