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Soaky Beach: Enrichment last night was ok. I got off to a rocky start. I didn't realize how much traffic there would be between my house and the church (not a short difference) so I was paranoid about everyone leaving me. When I got there, there wasn't a single person from our ward. So I met some nice older ladies from the other ward and got in a car and waited. We drove down to Balboa beach to have a BBQ/picnic. The lady who sat next to me in the car turned out to be pretty neat though, once we started talking. She is from Vietnam and told me all about how her family was affected by, and eventually escaped, Communism there.

At the beach: ok, like two people from our ward. The waves were huge! This beach has a very steep slope right at the water's edge- the waves were crashing over it, 15 feet high. Eventually, of course, enough water made it over and ran down toward the BBQ pits. For some reason it rolled mostly to either side of us, but we still moved down to the grass. The bulldozer, having built a wall of protection around the lifeguard building, moved down toward the picnic areas, and our place never did get wet. Anyway, it was really cool.

Eventually some more people from our ward showed up. There's a girl in our ward whose brother I knew from Nature's Way- he was our rep from the temp agency and was always taking me and Linda out to lunch. She was there, and gave me a ride home. The RS president bugged the two of us about our talents. They were pretty sneaky too. When we didn't 'fess up, they started making up talents. I had to be honest before I got stuck playing the organ! So not a complete waste of an evening, esp. since John was at the Angel's game.

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