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[Comments] (3) The Sound of Work: typety type type. click click. typety typety type. Woof! ... giggle ...

Somebody brought their cute doggie in, because he has to go to the vet. Of course, having sat at the front desk all morning, I was prewarned to the random bark.

That reminds me. When Gretel first came into our apartment and saw the mirror on our dining room wall, she gave a load bark. Gretel doesn't bark very much so it was actually kind of funny. But she ran over and sniffed and made friends with the doggie on the other side (and some noseprints on the mirror) and that was the end of that.


Posted by Rachel at Wed Aug 24 2005 10:33

oh, haha, that is so funny. I took Gretel to journalism layout once we she was a tiny puppers. Everyone LOVED her. She was a bit hit. When she was little as we would take her places, people used to steal her from us... that never happens now.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 24 2005 12:17

At the family BBQ shindig before we all moved from Utah, David Oman brought his rabbit. She was a big hit, and made some young friends from another picnic site. Not that David needs help making random friends.

Posted by Frances at Wed Aug 24 2005 16:39

Unfortunately, Gretel still thinks she's a tiny puppers and she wishes people would carry her around and hold her and take her places. I wish she weren't so naughty; I would take her more places.

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