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Soaky Susie: We went to California Adventure last night (don't want to get to Disney-ed out before Rachel and Chris come). The first ride we went on was Bear River Rafting, or whatever it's called. Rolling down a river in a giant intertube thingy. I got very wet. So wet that I finally took my shirt off and just zipped up my little hoodie. So wet that my jeans were still wet when we got home (not damp- wet). Luckily, I wore sandals, and the jeans didn't bug me so much.

The guy in front of us, with his pressed khakis and cell phone clipped to his belt, asked if his daughter could ride with us. She was a cute little Indian girl named Lika and beamed the whole time we were on the ride.

There was another poor kid we helped out too. When you get off Tower of Terror, you go down these back access stairs to get to the gift shop. There was a little boy standing in the stairwell crying. He said he was too scared to go on the ride, but was really more scared that he couldn't find his dad. So we kinda hung out by him until he found his family. Poor kid. That ride is terrifying, I can't blame him.

Anyway, I was telling John about this one time when I found a toddler wandering around crying in Tomorrowland. I'd noticed the little girl earlier, so I picked her up and took her back to where I'd first seen her, when her mom came up, grabbed her and yelled at me. Stupid lady; the kid could barely walk!

[Comments] (6) I'm just a simple girl in a high-tech digital world:

Here is what I would like for my birthday:

Labor Day: What a great weekend. I say that every Monday. Since I got all my cleaning done Saturday, I got to spend today... Scrapbooking! I actually scrapbooked 4-5 hours today. I made three pages and finished two others, and made/finished 12 cards, but I was mostly using scraps I already had ready to make cards with. I also sewed three more squares for my quilt (made myself do that first) and sorted through all my stickers and extras. It was so nice to pull out ALL my stuff and spread it out everywhere. I actually had a pretty good system down where I could easily reach most things. Maybe my stuff is finally to the point where it is accessible enough to actually use.

Anyway, I finished our Moab pictures- four pages. I also made a page from 1 picture from Easter. I am anti- "1 picture per page" but I only had one and it was so cute I wanted to spotlight it. It's of Me, John, Jodi, Franco, Logan, Ember, James and Hannah with our Easter baskets. The colors are so bright and real, and I had some cute Easter cutouts from Jamie's getting-rid-of pile that I used (I love Jamie's getting-rid-of-piles).

I love holidays not only because of the free day but because now my week is 1 day shorter! And Friday I am going to Bakersfield to see my mommy!

[Comments] (3) Enriched: Last night, on my way to Enrichment, I watched two cars pull over as if they'd just had an accident. The drivers both got out, examined their bumpers, then the girl in front waved the guy away and they both drove off. I was stopped at a red light watching this, don't worry.

Enrichment was very interesting. There were only two other young girls there, both pregnant. One of them and I are getting to know each other pretty well, so that was nice. We were learning about parenting/family. There were four classes: family fun, cooking, arts & literature and religion. One of the "professors" was a complete crack-up; She was over 80 years old and I just about died laughing as she told us the story of her liberation through the invention of Tampax.

I got home later than John, amazingly enough. Poor thing has been working horrendous hours.

If Enrichment was still called Homemaking, would I have called this entry "Homemade"?

Le Weekend: Have been very busy, but I must report. I spent the weekend in Bakersfield with Mom, Rachel and Leonard. Friday night we all went out to Frugatti's. Mom had to return home to change her TPN, so Leonard and I walked around and talked. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with him. Dinner was good and I got sang to- over a free piece of raspberry cheesecake. Can't beat that! Thanks for dinner, Mom!

Saturday I clean around the house until Mom got up. Then we went to lunch with Grandma. Poor Grandma is slowing down. It makes me sad that she doesn't talk as much as she used to. She talked non-stop the entire way back from the last Benson reunion I took her too. I trimmed the dead leaves off of her plant and admired the baby quilt she was making. On our way back, Mom and I stopped at the Greek Food Festival to get very yummy gyros and baklava for dinner. After Mom took a nap, we went in the hot tub together.

When Rachel got home from MLI, we gave each other pedicures and painted our toenails Pink Bikini. My toes are so cute! I was sad they were covered up with shoes today. Thanks for the pedicure, Rach! Afterwards we sat on her bed reading her blog book and making fun of silly things she'd said.

Sunday we laid around in our PJs. Mom and I went to Sacrament meeting and then I headed back home. It only took me two hours to get back- there was zero traffic! Lucky me.

Today was the start of a very long week at work, even though I am taking Friday off. My boss quit. I spent the day training the receptionist in some of my training paperwork and dealing with personnel paperwork from the 5 new hires that started today. I am expecting to have a lot put on my plate soon.

After work I went to the Post Office for Jamie, and then got to work on some of the mini-kits she sent home with John last night. I got a lot of it done. John's deadline is Thursday so he is infinitely busy this week; these mini-kits will help keep me busy too. And next week I will hopefully have October kits for both Jamie and Tammy to do.

[Comments] (4) Susie vs. The Antennae: I'm in the kitchen innocently heating up a cob of corn for dinner (lame, I know). All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see an antler! ok, not an antler, an antenna. At this point I begin talking to myself. "Oh no!"

What do I do? Smash it with a papertowel? Eew. I can't even stand doing that with spiders. I know! I'll vaccuum it up- the preferred method for post 7 AM spider-killing. I get out the vacuum. Hook up attachments. Plug it in. Aim at cockroach. Turn vaccuum on. Nothing. It scuttles away when I poke it with the tube but refuses to be sucked up. Stupid cockroach. "It won't work!" Duh, Susie.

What do I do? "I'll smash it with a shoe." I get a shoe from the closet. On my way back I glance at myself in the mirror, holding my shoe and almost laugh. I carefully move my Pampered Chef serving dish away from the hiding antennae. Thunk, "eek!" thunk, "eek!" thunk. "Eek!" Stupid cockroach. "Eek!" It runs into the sink which, of course, has some dishes in it. Well, I can't very well thunk my dishes.

"What do I do?" Turn on water. Turn on disposal. Wait for cockroach to get washed down drain. Well, a cockroach that won't get sucked up into the vacuum isn't just going to be washed down the drain. It took some careful aiming of the water, using a knife, to get the guy down inside. Crunch, crunch. "Eew."

[Comments] (2) You know your car needs washing when:

You dream about it.

Someone in our complex has lost their kitty. How sad.

[Comments] (1) A Weekend of Birthdays: Day 1: Friday was a wonderful day- John took the day off! Well, I took the day off too, but that wasn't quite as amazing. We slept in and then went to the Newport Beach temple in the morning. It was so beautiful, although tiny. We got to be the witness couple and the altar was all new and cushy.

Afterwards we went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. It was full of ladies with stollers and piles of shopping bags. I wondered outloud who these women were that shopped all day and dined at The Cheesecake Factory. Don't they have lives?

After that we spent some time at home so John could study and I could clean. John also let me open my presents then. As is his tendency, he totally spoiled me. He bought two big, framed prints to go above our bed. He also bought me two books, a DVD, some candy and some giftcards to In-in-Out and Jamba Juice so I could go out to eat sometimes too. I also got to open my package from Susan. There was a card from Grandma June and from Jodi and Franco and also two stamp sets for cardmaking and two books. Like I said, spoiled.

Next, we went to South Coast Plaza to buy some sort of decoration for a bowl I won at Bunco. We settled on a bag of light gray rocks to put a candle on, but when we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a candle, we found some cute potpourri and bought that instead. Finally, we went home and read until Rachel and Chris arrived and stayed up much too late talking with them.

Tune in next time for our next installment: Disneyland!

A Weekend of Birthdays: Day 2: On Saturday, we left for Disneyland around 9 and got home just after midnight. We had a great time! This was the first time we'd gone with anyone else, so it was a lot of fun to be with Rachel and Chris. Especially because I love my sister! We went on all the good rides, and on the Matterhorn twice. Chris and I saved seats for Fantasmic! 2 1/2 hours ahead of time, then the boys when to buy us dinner- gumbo in bread bowls. That show is always very good.

Basically, it was an all around great time. We all kept making great sarcastic comments, and we had a "princess count" of dressed-up little girls- got up to 30!

[Comments] (2) A Weekend of Birthdays: Day 3: On Sunday, John and I slept in. Then he studied while I scrapbooked a little bit. I didn't get a lot done though. In the afternoon, we went to Jamie's. We had a lovely dinner, and Tyler, Jamie and John sang to me in the corner over a lemon cake. We were in the corner because the entire Deacon's Quorum was over. David bought me a pumpkin-shaped cake pan and some pumpkin cake mix and a nice spatula from Williams-Sonoma. They also gave us two DVDs that they had bought, only to find they already had them.

Tammy's husband dropped by some scrapbooking kits for me to do, and also a gift of several mini-kits. Very thoughtful. It took me eight trips from the car to bring everything in, plus the huge pile John brought in on the first trip. With a bit of rearranging, John managed to fit it all inside our closet. Of course I got half of it out last night to start putting kits together...

Also got to talk to my mommy on my birthday. Leonard called too, but we were at Jamie's and didn't hear it. I am so spoiled!

[Comments] (2) Thunder and Lightning Sure Can Be Frightening: We had a terrific thunderstorm last night. I was sitting around innocently making scrapbook kits listening to the rolling thunder, and all of a sudden *BOOM!* I jumped about 2 inches. It was so loud and long, it sounded like the sky was being ripped apart. There were a few other times it was so loud, including around 230 AM.

I am feeling a little sickie. Sore throat and no energy. I had some Umcka and drank a lot of OJ this morning. For lunch I am having pasta salad that my mommy made. Not exactly warm, cozy soup, but at least I am able to eat it. Thanks for the salad, mommy!

[Comments] (2) Proud Wife: John got his second CPA score today- a 96!!! And this is the one he thought he did worse on! Halfway there...

I must be feeling better: I said something funny.

Two of my coworkers, with whom I spend a lot of time, commented that I seemed really down since I've been sick. I haven't been talking much because my thoat hurts. I think it is just really obvious on me because I normally have a lot of energy. This afternoon Andrea said I seemed a little more chipper.

I knew it was true when I said something funny and Noelle and I laughed like crazy. We realized it was the first time we had laughed in days (Noelle is also sick). Anyway, here's what happened:

I was giving Noelle a break and playing a quick game of Spider. Imagine my surprise when I won the game! I started another game and was shocked that I got a complete set before dealing once. Just after that I realized the difficulty was set to "Easy". Noelle returned and I related this to her. I concluded, "So I said to myself, 'self: you've been had!'"

We laughed until we had tears in our eyes. Like I said, we've been sick. I still laugh thinking about it.

Funny Things at the Reception Desk: Yesterday there was a gentleman waiting for an appt. in the reception area. As late as his appointment-ee was, his colleague was even later. 20 or 25 minutes late, she came in an said "oh, I didn't realize it was inside." She had been outside the whole time! I mean, who goes to an appt. and waits outside the building? Seriously.

[Comments] (8) : Sorry I'm so boring lately. Um, let's see. I'm sick. Yup, that's about it. Oh, here's a funny story.

I made a beautiful hollandaise sauce last night, to go with our beautiful, if not cheap, aspargus. Unfortunately, it had a little mishap while I was getting the laundry- it got microwaved for 30 seconds! So we had buttery, lemony, scrambled eggs on our aspargus. Hee hee! This amuses me to no end.

Empty Threats: "or I'll put this pimply pumpkin in your face!"

Overheard at the grocery store.

[Comments] (2) : Checking on my timezone change...

: Yesterday, John came home early from work and we went on a walk at the Nature Preserve at the back bay (by Uncle Justin's house). We saw: 2 beetles, a line of ants, 8-12 little rabbits- might have been the same ones twice- and some cute little birds hopping around. And some ducks. And some doggies. It was a nice walk. We even hiked around a bit on the trails.

Then I made yummy fajitas for dinner, and lunch today. yum.

[Comments] (2) Delusional Interpretations:

Noelle: I'll give you a give to Molly.
Me: Who's Molly?
Noelle: tamale!
We had been discussing tamales for ten minutes!

Reading a sign in my rearview mirror while stopped at a red light. "Fee-mal-ay". Feemalay? I keep reading. "Exotic Dancers". Oh, female.

This afternoon I was reviewing Corrs lyrics for the occasional word I couldn't figure out. I was surprised that one song, Tell Me No, wasn't on a rather comprehensive list. Turns out, I had completely misinterpreted the title, which is said about 20 times throughout the song: Time Enough. I have listened to this song about 50 times. In my defense, I listened to the song on my way home, and it still sounds like "tell me no." But there is no excuse for the rest of my stupidity.

: must *cough* sleep *cough*

Woo hoo!: Urgent Care = Doctor's Visit = $10 copay! + paid sick time. I think I'll go.

Update: Doctor says it's allergies. He says allergy pills and cough syrup + codeine. And shut the windows while we sleep.

[Comments] (2) : I got a "birthday bag" at work. It had a Pepsi, a mini bag of Cheez-its, mini granola bar, Twix, mini Pringles and a movie ticket. How fun!

: Doctor also gave me a perscription nosespray. I remember the first time I ever used these things- February 2002- trying to clear up my permanent headache and sinus infection. I didn't know you were supposed to inhale while squirting! Susie: Is this supposed to be coming out my nose? Kristen: Did you inhale it?

Hee hee. I did a lot better this time.

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