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[Comments] (9) Bookworm: Last night I finished reading The Work and the Glory. I was so proud of myself I counted up all the pages- 5,261 pages in 9 books. John is already encouraging me to read other serieses, I think partly to discourage me from reading Harry Potter for what he claims is the 7th time, but I think I am going to take a break from reading for a while. I think I will get ahead on my crocheting and card-making and scrapbooking for now.

When I get into reading, all I do is read. When we were first married John thought I didn't like reading because I never did, but I've gotten into it since then and proved him wrong. I think it's been about a year. I've read seven Chronicles of Narnia, five Harry Potter, eleven Series of Unfortunate Events, The Lord of the Rings, about ten novels about the Amish, two movie-ized books after seeing the movie, The Book of Mormon and nine The Work and the Glory. And about 50 magazines.

If there are 5,261 pages to read in a series, I don't do much else in my spare time until I've read 5,261 pages. I need a break.

: Last week at Logan's basketball game, John was looking at an I Spy book with Ember. I saw a little wooden horse on wheels (toy Trojan horse!) in one of the pictures and said "that's just like our little hedgehog" I got in my stocking at Christmas. Sure enough, one of the items to look for was a "wooden porcupine", and there it was. I still think it's a hedgehog, though. Little did Leonard know when he stopped at that yard sale he would find a famous hedgehog!


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