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I love living in California!!!: We went to California Adventure last night; the rollercoaster is open! We went on it twice, getting Fastpasses for the second time and going on Triton's carousel in between. John was on a seahorse; I was on an otter who was "swimming" tummy-up. Anyway, the rollercoaster is open just in time for the Chadwick Disneyland Trip next week. Hurray! It's an awesome ride. I mean, who wouldn't love going upside-down in between Mickey ears? No one.

We also went to see the show, Golden Dreams. It was an interesting little movie about the settling and development of California. Starring Whoopi Goldeberg as Califia, inspiring the hearts of men and women throughout the ages! It made me cry.

Princess Count: 6 at California Adventure and 2 at Disneyland (we wandered over to go on Indiana Jones). Each of the past two Friday nights at Disneyland we only saw three little princesses.

: John took me to dinner at a place called "Lee's Sandwiches" over by UCI. Afterwards, we walked around campus with our strawberry smoothie. The afternoon wind brought in some evening clouds, but no rain. We went in the hot tub, I made Texas Sheet Cake and John has studied the rest of the day, like the good boy he is.


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