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: Nursery today. Even though we were a bit unprepared with the lesson (my fault) we actually managed to have a little one, because we had kids that could talk this week! Although I was exhausted and drooled on, I think I will enjoy this calling. By the way, the drool thing totally grossed me out. I guess it's just different when it's your own kid. I didn't have a problem with it when it was "my" little Romanians drooling on me. I also had a girl cry all over my new shirt for 10 minutes. That'll teach me to wear new clothes to nursery.

Spent some time at Jamie and David's. John asked if I was bored because I didn't do any work there today, but I wasn't. I enjoyed talking to Jamie and helping with dinner and playing video games. I was actually winning at "Mario Baseball", but Tyler didn't like that and started crying so we left.

We are very excited for this week. The Chadwicks (all of them!) are coming down on Wednesday night. We are spending Thursday and Friday at Disneyland and Saturday at the beach. Besides having fun with my nieces and nephews, that means only three days of work this week! This is good news because we're having an audit and it's "business professional" and I don't have quite enough really nice clothes. Plus short work weeks are always nice. Plus, Disneyland!


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