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[Comments] (1) Gloomy Day: The weather outside agrees with me. It has been rainy since yesterday evening. Noelle has the flu, so I got to sit at the front desk and look at the yucky weather all day. I'm sure she won't be back tomorrow, but hopefully later this week, because I am taking Thursday and Friday off! I did her work all day because it is do-able at the front desk, so not very much of my work got done. Even still I ran out of things to do around 3:15. I lost a record 9 games of Spider in a row. I won the tenth one, just in time to go home. Actually, late, because the 4-5 person forgot and I had to call her and wait. I have also had a headache since this afternoon.

I gave a ride to a lady who walks to the train station, since the weather was yucky and we were leaving at the same time. It made me feel a little better. I think I was blessed for it, because I went to the store to buy spice cake mix to make John's famous muffins, and they were on sale.

I made Chicken Satay for the Elders tonight. Such nice boys. I hope they had a good meal. We enjoyed talking with them. I hope I get more sleep tonight. I just enjoy having John around during those hours I should be in bed, I can't help but talk to him!


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