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[Comments] (5) : We had an excellent "vacation" with the Chadwicks in town. Thursday and Friday were spent at Disneyland and California Adventure, where we did just about everything and only lost two kids. Saturday we spent a few hours at the beach in less-than-ideal weather. It was a really great time. Here are some highlights:

The Never-Ending Birthday, Part 4: Nathan and Ashley, and Brook and Erin brought me birthday gifts. It's like the birthday that keeps on giving! Ashley picked out some cute Disney scrapbook paper, stamps and stickers. Ember picked out a teddy bear dressed as a witch. Her official name is Mrs. Gitzy Potter (As in Mrs. Harry Potter, Gitzy because it's printed on her paw and I can't get away from it, and also as in Mrs. Potts, the teapot.)

I've never noticed the effect of having a fall* birthday before, but aside from my costumed teddy bear, there is the dark orange spatula David picked out (I have already used it like, ten times) and the pumpkin bundt pan. Anyway, I'm spoiled.

*I don't actually have a fall birthday. It is right at the end of Summer.

[Comments] (3) Rave about Vons and soup: I shop at Vons. Not only is it closer, the people are nicer. I went to Albertsons and they were rude and wouldn't take my coupon. At Vons, several people always ask me if I'm finding everything alright, and they actually help me if I say no. The Vons I shop at recently remodeled and is having a grand reopening. I like that store so much I shopped there through the remodeling, even things were moved around a lot. One time 5 of the items I was looking for were missing prices!

Anyway, today continues the grand reopening and they were having free samples. I also got a book with $80 of coupons on Vons brand stuff and some coupons for some free items. I got a sample of their yummy Signature soup, all the free items, and used three of the other coupons. I have finally succeeded in "saving" over 50% using my Vonscard and coupons.

I was going to buy the soup anyway because I had a buy-one-get-one-free coupon and John had been eyeing it earlier. But after I tried the Tuscan Tomato Basil Bisque I had to get it. It was so delicious!!! I have finally found a soup that is comparable to the Soup Kitchen in Salt Lake. It's not the same, but equally yummy. I also bought a container of the Fajita Chicken Chowder. Shall post a review once I try it.


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