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The Never-Ending Birthday, Part 4: Nathan and Ashley, and Brook and Erin brought me birthday gifts. It's like the birthday that keeps on giving! Ashley picked out some cute Disney scrapbook paper, stamps and stickers. Ember picked out a teddy bear dressed as a witch. Her official name is Mrs. Gitzy Potter (As in Mrs. Harry Potter, Gitzy because it's printed on her paw and I can't get away from it, and also as in Mrs. Potts, the teapot.)

I've never noticed the effect of having a fall* birthday before, but aside from my costumed teddy bear, there is the dark orange spatula David picked out (I have already used it like, ten times) and the pumpkin bundt pan. Anyway, I'm spoiled.

*I don't actually have a fall birthday. It is right at the end of Summer.

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