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: I am having a lovely time visiting Mom in Bakersfield. I got here around 7 last night and we sat and talked and looked at pictures, played with Gretel etc. Rachel got home late and I was in bed reading, but she made me stay up and talk to her. (I guess I really didn't mind that much.) This morning Mom and I worked in the front yard for a while, getting it ready for more bulbs to be planted. I saw 22 worms.

We went to a baby shower for Jenifer (James) Griffin's new little boy. It was really good to see her, Bobby and Nancy James. Also saw Tim Overturf's mom. And it was at Fresh Choice, can't beat that. And the baby was very cute.

Mom is napping and I am picking up something for Rachel's halloween costume. We are eating dinner together then Mom and I are going to visit Grandma Rosie. She fell last week and is in convalesence. I hope she will be glad to see us. Rachel wants me to stick around and hang out with her after MLI, so I will get home late tonight. But it will be a good trip!

Jellybean snores.

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