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[Comments] (1) Am I behind the times?: The other day I noticed that the only powdered laundry soap Von's had was a few huge boxes. I figured it just didn't have a great selection because it was a grocery store. But when I bought soap at Target I was again met with a dismaying selection. I am wondering if maybe people don't use powdered laundry detergent anymore. Or maybe just not in California.

Also, I have been stubbornly not rinsing off dishes when loading the dishwasher to prove that the point of a dishwasher is to wash the dishes for you (not after you). What do you know: it works. And, by the way, we have the most ancient, low-tech dishwasher.

[Comments] (5) Free Sample: Sometimes at work when I am bored during lunch or something, I sign up for free samples on the internet. I was thinking about writing this today while using the Pantene shampoo and conditioner samples I got last week. Then today when I went to check the mail, I got two more samples, including two Quaker granola bars. Yum.


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