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[Comments] (2) The Te of Piglet: I recently reread The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff. Rachel sent this to me for my 21st birthday, when she was in London. I know because the note is still in the book and she says “favourite.” Although I think the author is a little fanatic about the environment and the cancerous effects of microwaves etc., he makes a lot of good points about appreciating and respecting nature, being humble, and what’s really important. Here are some of my “favourite” quotes from this book.

Let’s leave Behind The things that do not matter, And turn Our lives To a more important chapter.
“Eeyores are Realists, they say. But Reality is what one makes it.”
“Without difficulties, life would be like a stream without rocks and curves – about as interesting as concrete.”
“In reality, heroes are heroic because they, despite their weakness – and sometimes because of them, do great things. If they were perfect they wouldn’t be here in earth’s classroom.”
Persian Curse: May your every desire be immediately fulfilled.
“When one’s will is not distracted, one’s power is increased.”
“[The] worthwhile and important things in life – wisdom and happiness in particular – are not the sorts of things one can Chase After and Grab.”
I also love when he is talking about how this book will be more serious than The Tao of Pooh… and Piglet falls into the wastebasket.


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