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[Comments] (2) It's Different: I got a random phone call from Kristen Davis on Saturday. She and her mom and her little baby were in town for a funeral and she remembered that I lived down here, and I'd just emailed her my new phone number. So they came to visit.

Kristen's baby was very cute. She is just 5 weeks old, and her name is Lizzy. I asked Kristen if Lizzy made her miss her kids less and she said, "No, it's different." I told her I understood (although probably no one else ever will). It is different. And now I know that ache will always be there.

It's been almost four years; my kids are all older than my nieces and nephews. But I think they'll always be my babies in my mind.


Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 14 2005 19:00

I'm a bit off babies, after a screaming set on the train from Edinburgh, though of course I know yours will be nothing like that, perhaps I'll stop dropping hints now. glad?

Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 15 2005 07:21

Hint away; it won't change a thing.

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